Wholly owned and operated by CLG Golf trading as IGTGolf. The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour is the only Developmental Tour in the country, to offer a series of events, to include 54 & 72-hole (36-hole cut) tournaments. The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour provides players the opportunity to experience all aspects of life as a true touring golf professional. The schedule is built around geographical series and different varieties of championship golf courses to subject our players to any type of course they may face at golf’s highest levels. The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour is operated by knowledgeable staff who are PGA and R&A certified. As evidenced by the success of our alumni, The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour is the most proven avenue to the PGA Tours.

Starting in October 2010 and ongoing through today, the Tour has been taken to a plateau where it is no longer viewed as simply a training ground for the PGA Tour. The Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour puts great emphasis on strong community support, well-organized events and development. It has helped more professionals acquire their PGA Tour cards than any other Development Tour in South Africa.

With professionalism, a focal point of this Tour, the golf community and corporate South Africa continues to be attracted to the high visibility and unique exposure opportunities presented by the Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour

Our goal, simply put, is to provide the best tournament conditions to prepare players to compete on golf’s highest levels, as countless Big Easy IGT Tour members have done before.

In 2017 we became a proud partner of the Sunshine Tour and the official development tour for the Sunshine and Big Easy Tour.

Golf development in South Africa break new ground with the launch of the Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour in April 2018.

Born out of a close collaboration between the Sunshine Tour and the IGT Challenge Tour, the co-sanctioned Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour comprise of 42 tournaments and a Tour Championship.

Both tours enjoyed tremendous success. The achievements of the Gary Player School members who campaigned on the IGT Challenge Tour in 2017, further motivated both tours to look for a way to combine the two circuits to advance the growth and development of golf in South Africa.

This new joint venture enabled us to stretch the existing Big Easy Tour from eight to 16 events. This will undoubtedly benefit our up-and-coming players.

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Player Incentives on Big Easy IGT Challenge Tour

• The leading 10 and tied IGT members in IGT Chase To event, will qualify to play in the next Big Easy IGT Tournament
• IGT ranked members fill the field up to the maximum advertised size (i.e. 132) for Big Easy IGT Challenge events

IGT Facts

Sunshine Tour

IGT Sunshine Q-School record


Sunshine IGT IGT Big Easy IGT IGT
Year Cards Players % Year Cards Players %
2018 30 30 100% 2018 60 48 80%
2017 30 24 80% 2017 60 49 82%
2016 30 27 90% 2016 60 47 78%
2015 30 24 80% 2015 60 47 78%
2014 30 25 83% 2014 60 48 80%
2013 30 23 77% 2013 60 45 75%
2012 30 18 60% 2012 60 40 67%
2011 30 8 27% 2011 60 21 35%